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Black Mamba Cannabis Strain Review

Black Mamba

Black Mamba is a cross between Black Domina and Blue Bubble juice. Black Mamba is a hybrid outcross that brings into play thick, potent, resinous Black Domina as the mother plant for the strain. Manicuring Black Mamba’s round rubbery leaves progress in a halting fashion to allow for frequent washing the goo off of fingers. Copious resin production is the hallmark of Black Mamba’s catastrophic potency.
“Date Acquired: February 24, 2012
Grade: A
Type: Indica
Looks: Super dense, dark, very preserver to the touch marijuana nuggets with areas of deep purple/darkspotting and reaching orange “hair.”
Smell: Rich and pervasive. Like a bottle of harsh red wine; where it needs to “breath” before being palatable. Also has hints of sweet cream and mint with a strong hit of effort over the top of the nose.
Taste: Hints of berry and bubble gum. Fruity with a sweet after taste.
Buzz Type: Euphoric and relaxing.
Buzz Length: Above median to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)
I was presented with a fresh batch (I was actually hoping for another strain, but just my luck that one was out). If not for the need of multiple clump as part of the “E” for photo purposes, I would have so loved to take that marijuana mass home with me. Lots of FAT marijuana clump in this most recent batch I saw.
A bit to heavy for day use, Black Mamba is a nice wind down and composure strain. I enjoyed this strain most just before bed or meander down the evening watching TV. Black Mamba provided me with some faultless pain relief; the affection was as if my pain was just “melting away.” Heavy cerebral sensation of “pressure” coupled with nice soothing body tingle was this strain’s strong point. The tingle on the lips was almost instantly felt on the exhale. Black Mamba is a great strain just to breeze down and fall into a good nights sleep.
If not retiring for the night, Black Mamba did catch me off protect a few times and quick-freeze me in my chair for periods of 5-10 minutes (almost like a semi-couch lock state). If not “frozen,” I was definitely feeling very drowsy where the second my head hit a pillow I would be “out.”
Black Mamba is very “tasty” for such a heavy Indica tightness. My fresh marijuana mass were super sticky. Residue was left behind on my fingers when I was breaking up a marijuana nugget. This strain burns rich near the end of a fully cram bowl. I found I had to give my bubbler a “quick rinse” after two/three bowls and that’s with using a screen.
Overall, this strain had good smoke expansion with minimal throat displeasure/coughing with the my only negative being dry mouth and continually, thirsty. Providing a heavy head high that increase to a full body high, Black Mamba was a nice evening strain to end the day with. Black Mamba is not as “powerful” as some other harder smack OG’s out there, but it is a nice strain and I was very glad I was able to get my hands on this one.”
Check out the Black Mamba marijuana strain and see what people had to say about Black Mamba, and how Black Mamba affects various affliction.
Black Mamba Strain Review
Black Mamba, the strain, can either allude to the harmful African snake or to the cult classic Kill Bill’s iconic bride with a vengeance. Regardless, the three have one comparability– a powerful strike. With its potent and fast-acting buzz, it is designed to knock out beginners and veterans alike with its body-numbing high.
It lineage remains a mystery. However, many enthusiasts recognize the possible influence of Black Domina’s relaxing prowess. There is also its impressive performance in the grow room wherein flowers bloom rapidly regardless of the condition. Meanwhile, it’s father Granddaddy Purple gives the bud a fruity twist complemented by a purple streaks. What keeps the eyes fixated, however, is its thick coating of trichomes that are brilliant with potency.
Odors and Flavors
One whiff of Black Mamba’s essence awakens the soul. As its nugs are broken apart, a pungent skunk fills the room with undertones of sweet honey and a hint of ripe lemon that intensify once combusted.
In the palate, it enlivens the palate with its sapid overtones of grape. A fresh pine and sandalwood become apparent on the exhale, along with an earthy aftertaste.
Black Mamba shoots an instantaneous euphoria straight to the head, removing any unpleasant feelings in its wake. It leaves users with an upbeat disposition as a sense of happiness radiates from within.
The initial cerebral high’s clarity, though intense, also paves the way for a newer perspective on previous ideas or concepts. Feeling motivated, casual users end up with a heightened sense of focus. For this reason, the Indica -dominant strain is best used late in the afternoon or while pursuing passion projects on a chill day.
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